Fancy a steak, why not try Ballito’s very best?

Preparing a juicy steak for the plate is a fine art form, from the sourcing and maturing of the beef to the grill choice, sauces and accompanying sides.

If done right, the result can be heavenly.

We asked you in The North Coast Courier Best of Ballito Reader’s Choice Awards where the best steaks could be found.

Thousands of votes were cast and the results were mouth-watering.

Our reporters visited your top four to taste the results for ourselves.

1. Fiamma Grill – Coco De Mer Boutique Hotel
63 Compensation Beach Road, Ballito

If a steak is what you want, a steak is what you should get at Fiamma Grill.

It is entirely possible this reviewer may have forgotten what a good steak tastes like, but boy, was I reminded when I sunk my teeth into a beautifully prepared set of fillet medallions. Juicy and succulent is a good way to describe the perfectly cooked steak, grilled on an open flame.

Accompanying the steak was a comforting mushroom sauce made with fresh mushrooms, complimenting the steak wonderfully.

Weighing in at 280g, these beef fillet medallions are more than worth the R230, coming with a crispy and refreshing salad.

2. Peron Peron
Eat Street, Ballito Lifestyle Centre

Peron Peron’s 300g Ojo de Bife (ribeye) served with a creamy pepper sauce and fire-roasted vegetables.

Peron Peron Argentinian Grill is all about good quality, aged beef cooked on an open fire with an authentic Buenos Aires flavour.

The restaurant is richly decorated in rustic fashion, making the meal a real experience.

Signature dishes include charcoal-grilled fillet on the bone, ribeye and picanha.

We sampled the 350g picanha (rump cap) with a chimichurri sauce (R235) and a 300g Ojo de Bife (ribeye) served with a creamy pepper sauce (R275).

Both cuts were tender and bursting with flavour and the meat was undeniably the hero on the plate. Full points for serving the steaks exactly as they were requested: medium and medium rare.

The accompanying vegetables, wedges of butternut, sweet potato and a bright green broccoli floret, had been roasted on the fire and held a delicious smoky flavour.

Last but not least, the waiters were both knowledgeable and experienced, which always makes for a great night out.

3. Mozambik
Belvista Centre, 12 Library Lane, Ballito

Mozambik’s Portuguese-style rump with the perfectly prepared crispy chips.

Mozambik is great venue for the whole family with a wide range of excellent Portuguese food to choose from.

The menu is inspired by Afro-Porto cuisine and the resturant has become a popular hangout for locals and visitors alike.

We ordered the 200g Portuguese-style rump (medium) served with chargrilled pepper, coarse salt and bay leaves (R129).

The accompanying pepper sauce turned out to be a great choice and a side of chips were prepared to perfection – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Other options on the Mozambik menu which should be sampled are the 300g rump (R160), and the 200g and 300g fillets priced at R169 and R214 respectively.

4. Beira Alta
Eat Street, Ballito Lifestyle Centre

Beira Alta’s Steak Á Beira Alta.

“How would you like your steak?” – the standard question in a restaurant when ordering steak was not asked for this review and it turned out to be the only thing that stood between this restaurant and a perfect rating.

We tried their juicy, chargrilled Steak Á Beira Alta – a tender 300g fillet steak smothered in a succulent homemade BBQ basting served with fresh cut chips (R210).The pairing of the BBQ basting and the smokiness from the steak was an excellent choice. That homemade sauce really came through. My steak came rare though and I prefer it medium, which spoilt it for me somewhat.

Had they only asked.

I also would have loved to taste the spicy chicken liver topping the menu promised, but this was not offered.

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