Nominate your favourite local businesses in each of the below categories, to be in the running for a Best of George Award.

Please ensure, when voting for franchises or businesses with multiple locations in George, that you specify which store or office you are referring to.
Eg. SUPERSPAR Heather Park, or SPAR Wellington Square, not just SPAR.

Simply nominate a minimum of 10 different businesses and you’ll be automatically entered into a lucky draw to win some awesome prizes!

To make the nomination process easier, we have included the 2023 nominees in each category. 
Important: The 2023 nominees are not guaranteed an entry until they are nominated by readers for the 2024 awards.
If your choice is not listed, simply select “*New nomination” and type the business name into the supplied text box.

In the spirit of the awards, only sub-categories where there are at least two businesses nominated will make it to the voting phase of the competition.

Nominations close 24 May 2024

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Nominations are closed.

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Watch this space – voting opens 29 June!