WATCH: The day I met Samke and tried a Jelly Pedi

WHEN I read the words ‘Jelly Pedi’ on my invite from BG Aesthetics, I had no idea what I was in for. Would my feet be encased in a foot bath full of the jelly that we use for a Christmas trifle? Would I be wiggling my toes in a substance that felt like jam? I had no idea it would be as relaxing and soothing as it was.

I was invited to BG Aesthetics, recently opened by Neil Ramautar, in Durban North to try a foot massage, which is relatively new to South Africa, called the Jelly Pedi. My pedicurist, Samke, greeted me with a warm smile. She filled the foot bath with warm water and added a rose-scented powder to the water. As I started to move my feet, the water began turning into a jelly-like mixture – it felt like I was walking on damp, warm sand.

After soaking my feet in the glorious jelly mixture for 10 minutes, Samke drained the tub, and I closed my eyes. She proceeded to buff and shine. This was followed by a peppermint scrub exfoliation and finally, a paraffin-wax foot and calf massage.

Besides the soothing sensation on my feet, Samke made me feel right at home, almost as though I had made a friend – I did not feel like ‘another customer’.

I would recommend the Jelly Pedi for people on the go who desperately need to take a minute to sit back and relax. Ask for Samke – she’s a gem.