12 things you didn’t know about Luci Hirsch

Luci Hirsch Jackson

From switchboard operator to brand manager, Luci Hirsch Jackson has worked up the ranks to become one of the most successful women around. That said, here are a few things you might not know about her.

The story behind her name

Her full name is actually Lucille. Luci’s mom Margaret took a fancy to the highly popular American television situation comedy that aired on CBS from 1951 to 1957 called I love Lucy, and named Luci after the show’s hilarious lead character Lucille Ball.

She attended boarding school at 10

Luci became highly independent from a young age because, from the age of 10 (Grade 5),  she attended The Wykeham Collegiate Boarding School for Girls in Pietermaritzburg.

She met her husband in primary school

Although Luci has been married to her husband Den Jackson for 19 years, her first encounter with him was in Grade 4. They were in the same class together. Fast-forward to today, the couple have three boys – 15-year-old Declan, 13-year-old Connor and Brody who is 10 – and live in the gorgeous Umhlanga home they designed and built themselves 16 years ago.

She started her Hirsch’s career young

Since the day their family-run appliance business opened a tiny showroom in Umhlanga Rocks Drive, in 1979 – almost a year after Luci was born – she became part of the furniture. After matriculating, Luci went to work in the USA and UK but returned in 1999. She was asked to help out at Hirsch’s as the switchboard operator was off sick and, as they say, the rest is history!

She loves birthdays and family

At the age of 45, Luci still loves celebrating her birthday, which is in April, and always plans a party that reflects the year she has had. This year she took her friends to a boxing class. Family gatherings are also a firm favourite, and she readily admits that dad Allan and brother Richard always do the cooking as they’re a total whiz in the kitchen. Her favourite night is New Year’s Eve, and the first thing she says when she arrives at any party is “I’ll have a glass of champagne please.”

She’s a talented shopper

Luci can find a bargain anywhere! She loves buying clothes from thrift stores and always finds hidden gems on her travels. She also often buys pieces of fabric and has clothes made. That way, her dress code is often unique and tailored to her style. She recently bought a sari and had a dress made from it for the re-launch of a new store.

She’s incredibly punctual

Luci grew up in a family where if you were on time, you were late – so she’s always well ahead of her schedule and appointments.

It’s definitely beach over berg

A massive fan of the Summer months, Luci says the beach is her ideal respite. Her ultimate escape is always spent at the holiday home her folks built in Zanzibar 12 years ago. She is able to work remotely from there if need be, while enjoying all the beauty it has to offer!

Her husband is hands-on

With three busy boys, Luci says life is non-stop and their schedules are often more complicated than a country’s peace treaty. Fortunately, Den plays an active role in everyday parenting and is hands-on when it comes to school runs, home chores and keeping the boys in check.

She recently discovered loss

In 2022, Luci tragically lost one of her closest friends – the trauma and grief of Jude’s sudden death and the pain of losing her has changed Luci dramatically. She says she never truly understood how huge grief was until she walked this path.

She loves a good series

After a long work day, Luci says there is nothing better than unwinding by watching a good series. She’s just re-watched the entire Friends series with her boys.

Not a tedious routine type

Luci isn’t a fan of a mundane routine, so she never sets her morning alarm to a normal or specific time. The other day it went off at 4.27am. The same goes for exercising. Luci exercises five days out of the week, but tries never to do the same thing twice in that time, so she mixes it up between boxing, Pilates, HILT classes, boot camp and weight training.