Best Italian Restaurant – Lupa Westville

Lupa proudly stands as one of South Africa’s top Italian restaurants, embracing the authentic and simple flavours of Italy. The restaurant was originally established in 2014 by entrepreneur Guy Cluver and head chef Chris Black, to fill a gap in the South African market for an Italian food franchise that stays true to its roots.

As a welcoming neighbourhood Osteria, Lupa caters to a diverse range of diners, from families seeking a casual pizza night to corporate clients desiring an elevated dining experience. The commitment to quality is what has continued to set Lupa apart over the years, with our name becoming synonymous with authenticity and freshness.

All ingredients are meticulously sourced to capture the true essence of Italian cooking, prioritising local suppliers of high-quality produce. Their menu boasts many famous Italian favourites, with highlights being their famous homemade, signature pasta; fresh fettuccine with bacon and truffled mushrooms finished at your tableside and served directly from a flamed Italian Parmesan wheel, and their famous wood-fired pizzas celebrated for their crispy bases and generous toppings, garnering a reputation as some of the city’s best.

Discover Lupa for yourself and allow your senses to be transported to the streets of Rome, where bold flavours, fresh ingredients, and an exceptional experience await.