Here are the top five waffles of the North Coast

Our team has concluded its second tasting mission, this week focusing on the top five waffle outlets in town as voted for in The North Coast Courier Best of Ballito Readers’ Choice Awards.

This follows on our recent report back featuring the best curries on offer.

For everything from the best cake and coffee shop in town to your choice of the best schools and nail bars, visit for a full list of winners and runners-up.

1. Waterberry
Corner of Dolphin Crescent and Leonora Drive, Ballito

Waterberry Coffee Shoppe’s decadent Berrywood waffle.

Waterberry Coffee Shoppe was crowned for offering the best waffle on the North Coast, and tasting their Berrywood waffle clearly underscored why.

A waffle so perfectly balanced, one would happily scrape off the toppings and enjoy it on its own.

But this waffle came with farm fresh strawberries, homemade chocolate sauce, toasted almonds and a delicious syrup.

The first bite set a clear tone – they know what they are doing when it comes to waffles! Crispy and perfectly balanced between sweet and salty, this waffle deserves its place at the top.

One can safely say that if this reviewer worked in the Waterberry kitchen, not a single waffle would ever make it out alive.

Try it for yourself (R95), or the basic waffle with your choice of cream or ice cream at R75.

2. Milky Lane
The food court, Ballito Junction

The FerreroRocher waffle at Milky Lane.

We took along our two chief tasters (aged 4 and 7) for this one, and they literally licked their plates clean. They rated these waffles highly.

Milky Lane has partnered with favoured Italian chocolate brand to produce the decadent Ferrero Rocher Waffle (R74.90).

Covered in Nutella and a generous portion of crushed nuts and topped with whole FerreroRocher chocolates, this is a indulgent treat.

We also sampled the Death by Chocolate waffle (R69.90). The waffle is covered in crushed Ripple, Oreo and chocolate sprinkles and then drizzled with Bar One chocolate sauce. Both include either ice cream or cream. The waffle bases were thin, crisp and tasty.

3. Burnedale Bistro
Burnedale Place, 1 Old Main Rd, Umhlali

The Brownie Belgian and the Unicorn Express Belgian at Burnedale Bistro.

You must know a restaurant is serious about its waffles when an entire menu is devoted to this delectable food of the gods.

The comprehensive menu includes both savoury and sweet options (be prepared to find it difficult to choose).

We selected the Brownie Belgian with a brownie chocolate base and the Unicorn Express Belgian, which is a favourite with the younger patrons.

The Brownie Belgian waffle was thick and crispy, topped with in-house baked brownies, Bar One sauce, a huge dollop of ice cream and topped with a strawberry.

The Unicorn Express Belgian has a traditional base topped with everything – toasted marshmallows, jelly tots and candy floss, drizzled with Milky Bar sauce and once again heavily loaded with ice cream.

The portions were very generous and we shared each waffle between four children quite comfortably.

The bases were nice and crisp, although they could have had a touch more salt.

We plan to return to try the Chili Chocolate and the Apple Pie waffles.

4. Scoop
The Market, Lifestyle Centre, Ballito

Undoubtedly rich and decadent, the Scoop waffle is one to look out for.

It turns out that when a dessert uses good quality ingredients and is made with care, that it can work even for those without a sweet tooth.

We were given the the Oreos and Cream option (R72), which is loaded with Oreo shavings, chocolate balls, chocolate sauce and, importantly, Scoop’s homemade ice cream.

When so much of the flavouring of the waffle comes from the topping, it is important that those toppings hold up.

As manager Serge Banza said, “The only thing we don’t make ourselves is the Oreo,” and it shows.

Generously portioned atop a ‘bubble waffle’, the textural differences between the soft (but not soggy) waffle, creamy ice cream, crunchy balls and Oreo made for a pleasant sensastion.

You can also get the waffle folded in a takeaway container for that sweet fix on the go.

Decadent, delicious and decidedly local – Scoop is not one to sleep on.

5. Concha Café
18 Compensation Beach Road, Ballito

The Banoffle Pop waffle at Concha Café.

Loaded with banana, caramalised popcorn and salted caramel sauce, the Banoffle Pop waffle (R75) at Concha Café is surprisingly good.

As delicious as it is sweet, expect a sugar high after devouring the ice cream topped treat. Beautifully plated, this dish is complemented taste wise with the addition of mint.

While it may be a personal taste preference, the caramelised popcorn was only a small letdown in terms of its texture.

Crunchy as opposed to being a little tough would save the popcorn and make this sweet treat a top delight in our opinion. That being said, I will be back to enjoy the variety of waffles, both sweet and savoury at Concha Café.

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