I can’t find the company I want to vote for?

The “Best Of” awards are run in two phases. During the first, nominations phase (that runs for no less than a calendar month), everyone has the opportunity to nominate their favourite businesses. Any business that receives even a single nomination in will be entered into the second, voting phase, of the competition. If a business does not appear on the voting lists, they have most probably not been nominated during the nominations phase and can therefore not be voted for in the current competition. If you believe a nominated company is missing from the list, please click here to let us know.

Why can I only vote once per category and for only one business in each sub category?

The intention behind the Best of Hessequa awards is for everyone to have (an equal) say and recognise businesses that they love most. To protect the integrity of the results it is important that we limit the number of times each person can vote. We also ask that voters respect the good spirit of this competition and vote with integrity, keeping within the rules (Terms and Conditions) set.

Why am I having trouble voting when connected to Wifi?

The voting system restricts votes to one form submission per main category (example Food and Drink, Medical, Pets.), per IP address (the unique address with which you connect to the internet). Therefore, if anyone has used the same Wifi connection as you to submit their choices, you will not be able to use it again. The way to overcome this is to either disconnect from Wifi and use your mobile internet connection to submit your choices (which will take a negligible amount of data) or connect to another Wifi network or other internet source that has not been used for voting before. 

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