St Andrews Play Corner a fun, loving playgroup

St Andrews Play Corner, established over 25 years ago, is situated in the heart of Durban North. It is a cosy, warm and loving environment for the beginning of your child’s school career.

The kids start with Jackie at 18 months and stay for a year, then they branch off to the two older classes with Kim and Suzie.

Each class has a positive classroom environment where they offer exciting, well-organised learning programmes. Mornings are filled with lots of music, dance and fun activities.

They offer snacks and fruit throughout the day and a warm, hearty meal at lunchtime.

St Andrews runs on a month-to-month basis, and apart from a short break over the Easter period, they remain open until mid-December, when they close the school for the staff to go on leave.

“After nurturing your child for two years, we can positively say they all bounce out of here with great confidence, ready for big school.“