WATCH: A look into the Sorbet Skin launch

LAST month I had the pleasure of attending the Sorbet Skin launch and before being introduced to this range of skin care products, I had no idea that Sorbet’s skincare range was an option for me.
I have a skincare routine that includes a clay mask, a serum and a day cream, and it’s based on affordability and what little knowledge I have about maintaining my skin.
But after attending the Sorbet event, which included an educational skincare session, teaching me what a face workout is and what products are best for my skin, I have a completely different outlook on skincare.
If you aren’t aware of the Sorbet skincare range, and you’re looking to try out something new, keep reading as I break down what Sorbet Skin has to offer!

Finding the right product:

Sorbet’s skincare is split into four ranges: the Age Affect Range, BB Creams, the Salon Skin Range and the Hydro Skin Range.

The Age Affect range includes a Cream Cleanser, a Day Cream, a Night Cream and a Power Serum. This range is ideal for mature skin and for people who are looking for helpful anti-aging products.

Sorbet’s BB Creams come in three shades, Light 01, Light 02 and Medium. BB Creams offer protection for your skin against sun damage and coverage against blemishes and also hydrate your skin.

The Salon Skin Range includes a 3-in-1 Micellar Water, a 3-in-1 cleansing oil and a Daily Skin Polish Powder. These products are gentle on the skin and are ideal for those who want to soothe and restore their skin.

Finally, the Hydro Skin Range includes a 3-in-1 Foam Cleanser, a Day Cream, Lip Therapy and a Night Cream. This range is perfect for skin that needs moisture on a daily basis and for those who have dehydrated skin.If you have skin needs that fall into any one of these four categories, I recommend that you check out the Sorbet Skin Range. I suffer from dry skin, and the Hydro Skin Day Cream and Night Cream work wonders for me. Sorbet also offers face masks, and when I have a little extra change, I buy one just to give my skin that extra boost! I found that the secret to good skin is consistency and with the right products for your skin, you can get your skin to glow!